The Realboy interfaces are all written in Python, and Realboy uses a MySQL database backend. Realboy relies on two Python libraries: Python-igraph and Python-twitter. Python-igraph is a library for creating, manipulating, and drawing graphs. Python-igraph also has methods for finding communities in social graphs. Python-twitter is a library for interacting with the Twitter API and doing such things as tweeting, friending, getting lists of friends, etc.

These are the Realboy interfaces: searches the Twitter social graph and stores users and edges that it finds.

Example: python -d 3 -s gregmarra
Searches starting with the username "gregmarra" and recursively finds friendships three levels deep.

Example: python -d 3 -f
Searches starting with any user and recursively finds friendships three levels deep, then repeats with another unexplored user. uses igraph to find communities within the friend graph. Each community gets a unique number. downloads and stores tweets.

Example: python -s gregmarra -d 3
Downloads and stores tweets from a seed user ("gregmarra") and then recursively does the same for his friends three levels deep. describes a group and lets you associate a Realboy with it.

Example: python -g 0
Describes group 0 and lets you to attach a Realboy. does tweeting and friending. should be run periodically by cron.

Example: python -r robotboston -a
Tweets as robotboston and friends people from robotboston's social graph.