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The Honor Code Policy

I expect students to abide by the Honor Code when doing any work for this class. For homeworks and machine problems, unless otherwise specified, the general rule of thumb is: I want you to do the homework yourself. You should attempt each problem yourself, and if you cannot do it, you may consult other people. When consulting other people, it is not acceptable to ask for a copy of their homework to check answers against. Working with someone else should be in consultation mode, or in discussion mode, not in copying mode. They are there to help you understand the problem and the approach to solving the problem, not providing an answer.

You must annotate, per problem, the persons you worked with and in what capacity (briefly -- a few words).

For all team-based work, replace you and yourself with you and your team above.

If there are any questions, please email me directly. Do not make any assumptions.

The Homework

  1. /Homework 0

  2. HW 1 Due before class 20 September 2010

  3. MP 0 Due before class 7 October 2010

    • You may refer to Fibonacci.asm for the assembly language programming

  4. This homework consists of a team problem and an individual problem:
    • MP 1 Due before class 19 October 2010

    • HW 2 Due before class 19 October 2010

      • You may refer to max_with_main.asm to see how to allocate a stack frame, save the callee-saves stuff there, and restore those values.

  5. MP 2 Due before class 1 November 2010

    • You may refer to alustim.v to help start your testing.

  6. MP 3 Due before class 15 November 2010

    • mp3_materials.zip contains lots of important stuff:

      • assembly: assembly language source code.
      • binary: the actual binary code you point your instruction memory at
      • memories: the simple Verilog memories to use
      • mpc.exe: the assembler, compiled for Windows
      • Use like: mpc <infilename> <outfilename>

    • Writemem Example

  7. Initial Project Proposal. Due by midnight at the end of Tuesday 16 November 2010.
    • Very brief, 1 – 2 pages total, but you need to start thinking about so you can start in right after MP 3 is done. There will be no more HWs or MPs.

    • Initial project proposal must include:
      • Project name
      • Team members
      • What is the project? A basic overview of 1 – 3 paragraphs.

      • Name 2 things that might go wrong and what you would do about them. (Think "worst case scenario.")
      • Describe your 2 next steps
    • Submitted a nicely formated plain text file or a PDF by sending email to Mark.

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